rescuing a sick hedgehog



Hedgehogs are nocturnal so should NOT be seen out during the day. The only exception to this rule is for mums-to-be and new mums during the summer months when, to extend the short nights and their opportunity to find the extra food needed, they will stay up a little later in the mornings and rise a little earlier in the evenings. But these mums will look purposeful and will stick to the shade and undergrowth.


A hedgehog out in full daylight is very sick and needs urgent medical help. They may be lying still, walking slowly, wobbling, or rushing around. Please pick them up gently using both hands, and take them indoors, away from flies. Put several sheets of kitchen roll or a clean tea towel on the bottom of a tall box or container and put some more kitchen roll on top of the hog, so she can hide and feel safe. Please do not use shredded paper or hay as this can contaminate any wounds.

Put a dish of water in with her, leave the box in a quiet room, then phone your local hedgehog rescue IMMEDIATELY. Please do NOT put food in with her until you have spoken to someone from the rescue. Eating can kill a very sick, cold or dehydrated hedgehog.



If you see a hedgehog at night who is limping or walking with difficulty, please rescue them straight away. Hedgehogs are prey animals and will hide weaknesses, so a limping hedgehog is in serious trouble and a great deal of pain. Please bring her indoors, as above, but provide her with food as well as water while you phone a rescue. 

Please resist the temptation to keep peeking at her. Although they do not bite or run, a hedgehog is just as wild as a deer or a fox and human contact is terrifying for them. Stress kills wildlife, so please keep handling to a minimum.

You can find your local hedgehog rescue by searching on this site:

Or by Googling ‘hedgehog rescue’ with your postcode.