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You can now raise money for Hedgehog Cabin without it costing you a penny

Most big companies donate a percentage of their sales to charity, to offset  their taxes. I've now registered Hedgehog Cabin, so this could be an important  source of funding for me. 

Every time you shop, from your weekly supermarket to  your annual holiday, the store you're buying from will give a donation to  Hedgehog Cabin. From 0.75% of sales from Ebay, to 3% from John Lewis. And some  one-off purchases (like a new mobile phone or cable TV contract) will donate £25  for each sale.

Please take advantage of this and help me to help the hedgehogs, it will  mean so much to me to have some of the financial burden lifted. It really is very quick and easy to register by using the below link, and from then on every time you shop, you’ll raise a free donation for Hedgehog Cabin.



21st February 2018



When I installed the second cabin, to cope with all the extra hedgehog orphan admissions I had in October/November/December last year, it was such a manic time. It was taking me a solid 16 hours, every day, to care for them, and the thought that doubling the space would mean doubling the heating costs, too, was the least of my considerations. In the face of what really mattered, this worry was way down on the triage list.

So it was such a shock to get my electric bill in this morning. My fault, I know, but if you’d like to help by donating a £1, I’d be so grateful.

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The first hedgehog to emerge from hibernation

20th February 2018

It's far too early but it was an unusually mild night. Chester arrived last September, terribly ill, but after a lot of treatment was healthy and fat enough to hibernate by November. As it was too late to release him he has been overwintered here. This is the moment he first emerges from his hibernation. It's amazing to think this is the first food he's eaten for 4 months. If Chester is up, your garden hedghogs won't be far behind so please think about providing food and water.

An act of kindness

17th February 2018

On the way to the shops this morning I saw a dead hedgehog in the road. Poor creature - she was probably searching for water (it was -3c here last night so all natural sources would have frozen). Hedgehogs occasionally rouse from their hibernation searching for top up food and water, before returning to their hibernaculum.  

A dish of water by your back or front door (where the warmth of your house will delay freezing) is such a small act of kindness but will save lives.

Hedgehog numbers plummet by half in UK since 2000

8th February 2018

There was a very interesting article about hedgehogs in The Guardian on Wednesday. It's factual, too,  with only one misconception: 

“They are fairly smelly, fairly grumpy and covered in prickles. " 

No, that's the hedgehog carers, not the animals themselves.  

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Hugo's slumber party

7th February 2018


If you’ve visited my crowdfunder page you’ll know all about Hugo and the state of the annexe, the place he calls home. During the night hedgehogs often like to have a little nap in between meals so there have always been two beds in there – one for Hugo to sleep and hibernate in, and a ‘daybed’(although, technically, for the nocturnal hedgehog, I suppose I should be saying ‘nightbed’). 

As it’s a nice sunny day I thought I’d take out Hugo’s daybed to clean it out and give it a good airing. It was in the far corner so luckily had stayed dry. But when I went to pick it up it was heavy. Far too heavy to be empty.

In fact it's a good 800g heavier than it should be.

So it seems to be that sometime before he hibernated Hugo had brought home a guest to share his all-winter-long slumber party. I have no idea who, as, although Hugo’s home is covered by a CCTV camera, the files from back then have been overwritten.

Ooh, it’s a lovely surprise – but it’s like that big, intriguing present under the Christmas tree; it has your name on it but you aren’t allowed to open it.

I’ve put Hugo’s houseguest next to him, in the temporary accommodation, so I can clear out the rest of the annexe ready for the refurbishment.